Friday, August 31, 2007

Just some pics...

I realized I haven't posted many pictures. Here are some of my recent favorites of my little guy. Most of these are from when we were on vacation in St. George. Super fun trip!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Crazy Family...

I have to blog about the crazy weekend I had. And not crazy in a fun sense. Crazy as in my life has become a real-life soap opera. This is a picture of my fam right about the time my parents started having big-time problems. This was taken about 4 years ago. (From L to R - my Grandma, my sister Rachel, my brother Tyson, Mom, Dad, me and Tim) For those of you who don't know, my parents have been divorced for over a year now. And over the weekend, I found out my Mom was proposed to by a guy I've never met. I guess they went on 3 dates, this guy told my Mom he wanted to marry her, and my Mom pretty much said yes. She dropped off the face of the earth 2 weeks ago (so I thought) but I guess she had just been spending all her time with this new guy and she pretty much moved into his house after like a week of them meeting each other. Isn't that crazy?!? But the story gets so much better. My Dad (who has had a ton of chances to get back together with my Mom because she never could let him go and continued to want to be with him even though he was doing all kinds of mean things) suddenly has a change of heart after hearing that my Mom is getting married and decides he can't live without my Mom and admits he made all kinds of mistakes. Which is huge for my Dad. Anyway, he keeps on tracking my Mom down, trying to get her away from the new guy, he succeeds, they talk a few times, and he asks her not to marry the other guy and to marry him instead! I know! My Mom had 2 marriage proposals within a week of each other. It's like a soap opera, or high school. Either way, the whole thing just didn't seem like it was real. So the outcome? My mom kinda leaves both the guys hanging for a couple of days and then decides she has to give my Dad a chance to see if he's sincere. So as of right now, my Mom and Dad are back together. I can't even write my emotions because I've pretty much felt everything since this roller coaster started. It's just been crazy! So, I'm interested to hear everyones opinion because I really don't know what to think. I'm happy they're together, I just don't want to be disappointed again, and I'm worried our family will be the same way we were before the divorce, which wasn't very happy. I'm so thankful I have my own family, I don't know I could survive if I still lived at home!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This one is just for the ladies....

Has anyone seen those commercials for Veet? The one that shows the chick effortlessly wiping the cream on her legs and then wiping it off with that little shaver, and then she comes out of the bathroom after like 30 seconds and her husband or whoever is there rubs up her leg with that "silky smooth" look of approval on his face? Let me be the first to tell you that this commercial is NOT TRUE. I tried it. Veet. And here's how that commercial should go. A chick with hairy legs in a hurry goes into the bathroom with Veet. She pumps the cream onto her hands like the directions say and instantly throws up inside her mouth a little bit because the smell is something like dog poo mixed with ammonia. While dry-heaving, she rubs the cream onto her legs in a thick layer and starts jumping up and down in pain because the cream feels like it's burning through her flesh. After waiting the grueling 3 minutes she checks a patch of hair with the flimsy little shaver and finds that absolutely no hair is rubbing off. So she waits the maximum 6 minutes and checks again. Still hairy as ever. So she rubs as hard as she can with the flimsy little razor....still hairy. So she grabs a towel and rubs as hard as she can to wipe all the cream away...still hairy. Frustrated, she opens the bathroom door, gets a breath of fresh air, and finds her husband, waiting with anticipation. He takes a look at her blotchy, pink, hairy legs, and says, "I told you that stuff wouldn't work."
Ok, so maybe I embellished a little. The truth is, it does stink, it does sting a little, and doesn't work at all. I am so jealous of you ladies who only have to shave once every couple of weeks. I feel like a gorilla with my have-to-shave-every-single-day legs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My First Blog!!

Ok, so this is my first blog! The biggest thing going on right now is that we got a foster baby! His name is Christopher and he just turned eight months old. He's super cute and has been doing great since he came to live with us. He and Dustin get along great. Dustin loves to give him his pacifier and bottle and he loves to feed him too! He is a great baby and we are lucky to have him. It gets kinda crazy with two babies (especially since they are in the same room) but it's so wonderful to have double the smiles!