Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Kids Both Lost Their First Tooth! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of Course, Disneyland.

Here goes! We went to Disneyland. Again. Audrey got to ride a lot of things for the first time because she was finally tall enough! Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror! All of which she loved. Especially Tower of Terror. I'm not kidding! She loved it! She went on it twice in a row and then again the next day. Man, she is one roller coaster riding fool. Dustin was finally tall enough for Indiana Jones. Which he did not love. We stayed at the Embassy Suites which was gorgeous! And the weather was great. We got to see both sets of our parents and some Aunts and Uncles, so that made it even better!

Then Halloween happened. Dustin was a knight in shining armor, and Audrey was a cheerleader and then a witch. They each had a Halloween party at school and then we went trick or treating with our friends which was so great. It didn't even rain on us! And the kids made out like bandits.

Not long after Halloween, Dustin lost his first tooth! The next morning, he woke up and looked under his pillow, and said, "ONES?!?! I was hoping for one HUNDREDS!! Didn't my tooth fairy know that?!?" I died laughing. I didn't even know he knew what a hundred dollar bill was! But apparently he asked the tooth fairy for some Benjamins, and discovered he got a working class fairy instead. It's tough to be 5 sometimes.

The very next day, Audrey announced she had a wiggly tooth! Pretty soon hers popped out too! She was just happy and excited to have a missing tooth and two dollars. Man, I hope the tooth fairy always remembers to come to our house, because I am terrible at that kind of stuff!

Then there was Thanksgiving. So thankful that we could have dinner with friends. It's hard without family close by.

Most recently, Dustin had his first surgery with anesthesia. We finally succumbed to ear tubes. I was a little nervous, but he was so brave and funny. He kept telling the nurses funny stories about remote control monster trucks, and how he's not 5, he's 5 and a HALF. He also told the doctor never to wear that funny blue surgery hat to school or people might laugh at him. Then when they put the gas mask on, he announced that it was, "Like what the Blue Angles wear! Only, dey aren't really angels, and dey aren't really blue. Dey just fly planes." OMG everyone was rolling! He's such a character. After he woke up, he said, "Whooaaa, why is this world spinning?!" And then he told the nurse that the gas tasted really bad, and they should make pizza flavored gas. He was completely fine and was bouncing off the walls an hour later. I hope these tubes help his hearing and ear infections. I know I need to post pictures of all this. Hopefully I can get the motivation!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, Dustin started saying, "What?" after every single thing that Tim and I told him.
"Hey buddy, can you put your clothes away?"
"Put your clothes away."

And this went on for quite a while. It seemed to happen more often when we were asking him to do something, so I assumed he had developed the male selective hearing technique and so I let him have it. "DUSTIN! Stop saying "what" all the time! I KNOW you can hear me. You just had your hearing tested at school and you passed, so there's no excuse!" He looked at me with his intense 5-year-old eyes and said, "But Mom, I just really can't hear you." So I said, "Well, you're gonna have to think of something other than "what" to say to me, because I'm going CRAZY!!!"
Then one day he came home from school after a really rough week. He hadn't been listening to me, he was being sassy and I was about ready to pull my hair out. Anyway, he comes off the bus and five minutes later is screaming that his ear is hurting. Awesome. We manage to get into the doctor right away, which was such a blessing when you have a kid in pain. The doctor checks him out. And of course, big fat ear infection. I mention that he has been complaining that he can't hear and she says she's not surprised because both his ears are completely filled with fluid. Dustin immediately whips his head around to me, points his finger, and says, "SEE MOM! I TOLD you I couldn't hear you. I TOLD you I was telling the truth. So don't ever get mad at me again, OKAY!!" Yes, folks, hand over the Mother of the Year Award to the Mom who got called out by her 5-year-old in front of her pediatrician. Thankfully, the doctor was totally nice, and we discussed that he's probably always had fluid in his ears (which is why we've had SO MANY ear infections) and referred him to a specialist so we can see how necessary tubes might be.

So lesson learned :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Blues

School is in full swing for both Audrey and Dustin. Audrey is going to Madison Teens and Tots and she seems to enjoy it. She likes having a teen partner to do whatever she asks. Like pushing her on the swing, or coloring fish, flowers and ladybugs. She is growing up so fast. Dustin loves riding the bus home from kindergarten and I'm so happy with his teacher. And even though having a four-year-old and five-year-old is great, and I feel really blessed, I really miss having a baby. I love that both my kids are big enough to go potty, put on seat belts and get themselves dressed, but I feel like we've pretty much climbed over the baby hill and we're starting to march through the trenches of all things "kid." I've always been hopeful for another pregnancy and I'm worried that if it doesn't happen soon, the age gap will be too great and it will feel like starting all over again.

So what to do? I hear a lot of people tell me, "At least you got one! You should be thankful!" And of course I am. And I'm so grateful for a successful adoption. A son and a daughter is a huge blessing. I totally recognize that. But it is still devastating to hear that the fertility medication didn't work and my next option is IVF. But that doesn't feel right. I'm positive there's other things that can be done. The Fertility Center has been a joke these past five years. I feel like all they want is my money. Isn't there some great doctor out there who will actually care about me and take the time to figure out why its not working?

I'm sitting on a metaphoric fence. On one side, I climb down and sell all of my baby stuff, accept that I have a cute family of 4, and move on. Getting off on the other side means spending lots of time and money, going through grueling tests, lab results, and medications that make me cry for no reason, and give me hot flashes so hot I feel like I'm one fire. (I'm so sorry for every woman who has gone through menopause. From what I can tell, it basically sucks) And while the physical part of infertility is, well, crappy. It's the emotional aspect that really roughs you up. Trying to understand "why?" is a dark and dangerous void that can suck you up and make you feel completely worthless. But it's all for the hope that I will get to bring one more spirit into the world. And how can I say it's not worth the price, or struggle?

I probably wouldn't be feeling so much this way except everyone in my world has just had a baby, or is pregnant, and Andrew is no longer my baby. I'm usually really positive, or I at least try to be, but the "why?" void is so easy to get sucked up into. I know its going to be ok, I just wish I had some direction. I wish the very best of luck to anyone going through anything similar.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Was Anti-Blogger for a While, But I'm Over it

Blogger really made me mad a while ago. I made a huge post with video, pictures, and plenty of gut busting dialoge, and do you know what happened?? Blogger started having technical difficulties, and erased the WHOLE THING. I also can't stand how long it takes to load anything on this site, but as my title says, I'm over it. I figure it's worth it to have something to look back on, because we all know that I'm anti-scrapbooking/crafts/anything that requires a glue gun. So, here goes...

I last posted 6 months ago, and we have been on several adventures since then. Easter happened, which was fun and cute and full of candy and egg hunting. Dustin graduated preschoool. I really loved Norkenzie. Audrey and Dustin met so many great friends in their classes and had a great year. Both the kids took swimming lessons which and it was so great to have them in the pool at the same time. Then Dustin went to Safety Town for 2 weeks which was such a great program! He loved it and learned so much! We went to Saint George and celebrated Audreys birthday. Then we went and stayed with my Mom and had our very first adventure at Knotts Berry Farm which had some super fun and amazing roller coasters and we got to visit with my sister and her husband.

Audrey turned 4 and she had a super fantastic day. Her Aunt made her the amazing my little pony cake, and she got spoiled at her grandparents house. Then Tim and I took the kids to the circus, which was really fun, and she had her party at ChuckECheese with all her friends. She is so fun right now and getting so big! She is starting preschool at Madison Middle School this year, and I hope she loves it as much as Norkenzie.

Dustin started kindergarten this year and I cannot believe he is in elementary school. I struggled to know which school would be best for him, but Irving has been really great so far and I love, love, love, Mrs. Boling. He's still getting to know his classmates, but he only goes from 8:30-11:00 M-F, so it's taking time to make friends. He also is so happy to ride the bus home which adds a little extra time for me. My neighbor Stephanie and I are carpooling our kids for preschool and Irving, and it is so wonderful to have a next-door neighbor with kids the same age and in the same schools! It is such a blessing to have her help this year.

Andrew also went to live with his grandma this summer which was hard. He was with us for nearly a year and I was sad to see him go. I was hoping he would be our third, but maybe 4 is the number for us. I won't dwell on it, because I'm trying to be positive, but we are taking a break from foster care. It's just too hard.

I hope I will be more diligent in keeping up with the events in our lives. Mostly because I feel like my kids aren't going to be little for very much longer and I have to document every cute thing before it's over!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Year Older For the Boys!

My baby boy turned 5. Wow. I can't believe it. But I think 5 is gonna be great! He's such a good kid. A little demanding at times, a little overwhelming at times, but mostly he's kind and loving and cares so much about other people. He had the best birthday week ever! My Mom flew in, which is always fun, and we had cake, ice cream, mini golf, rides at the kiddie fair, and tons of eating out (my favorite!). And we had his "friend party" at the National Academy of Gymnastics and it was SO AWESOME! We couldn't have picked a better place to have a party. Trampolines, a huge pirate ship to jump off of, an obstacle course for the kids to run through, rings, bars, everything 5 year olds want to do! My dad picked up all the kids and "flew" (they were pretending to be airplanes) them into the foam pit, and that was a huge hit! Thanks to my Dad and Robin for helping me so much that day! I felt so great that Dustin has such great friends in his preschool class and at church.
Oh yeah, and Tim turned 30! I feel bad for the guy because, let's face it, his birthday will always be overshadowed by Dustin's. But he got an amazing new alarm clock, an imac computer, and an r/c monster truck. He got Dustin one for his birthday (a monster truck, not an imac), and Dustin LOVES it. That was probably his favorite present. Apparently, Tim loved it too, because a week later, another one showed up on our door step. He reasoned that he needed one so they could drive "together". Who am I to argue with male bonding?

I have so many updates to give, I'll need another blog. But for now, I just want to say happy birthday to my boys. I love you both so much!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Since Our Life is Measured in Disney Vacations...

This is mine and Audrey's "mean face" on the bumper cars.

Just proof that my kids really do love each other. Awww

I finally have a reason to update my blog! I realize I've skipped Christmas and New Years, and even though I'm late, I wanted to say that they were both great. We had our first Christmas at home by ourselves, and it was really fun. We've started a tradition on Christmas Eve of opening PJ's, that we all put on, then we open a game, that we all play together, and then the kids open special Christmas books that we read before bedtime. We played a game called Break the Ice, and the kids loved How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Spirit of Christmas for our evening reading. Dustin was over the moon about his R/C helicopters Christmas morning, and Audrey was in love with her princess dress-up's and an Ariel doll. We went over to Flo for Christmas dinner and my sister was there with her husband which made it so great. New Years, Brian and Ann came over and Tim did his first 5K race with Brain at midnight. My kids love their kids, and it was a fun adventure to go and cheer the daddy's on. Good job Timmah!

Since we live to go on vacation (mostly to Disneyland), and my blog really only gets updated after we go somewhere, I think I'm going to rename my blog, "We Live For Disney!" It's really more accurate. But this trip was especially great. Here is why this trip was SO WONDERFUL! We got 4 plane tickets from Eugene to LAX round trip, for $353! Thank you Allegiant! The weather was 78 and sunny every day, the parks were totally empty, with hardly any wait, my mom was able to take the week off and spend every day with us, we went to the beach and watched the surfers at Dana Point, built a sand turtle, Tim and Dustin played in the waves, and Dustin tried boogie boarding (for about 5 seconds till he had his first wipe out and tumbled in the sand). He came running back to the blanket, threw a towel over his head, and said, "That..was horrible." Poor guy. We got to see World of Color again and we also saw Fantasmic for the first time. I love the shows, Disney has a way of making me feel emotional in a good way. I got to sunbathe and the kids went swimming outside, and best of all, I never had to cook! The kids were so great the whole time, not a single melt-down. Thanks mom for the great time!