Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Audrey Girl!!

My youngest is 3. Officially a kid. I've been feeling emotional lately about my kids growing up. I kinda miss having babies around. It's amazing how fast it all goes by. But this year is going to be great. They are both going to be in preschool at the same time which is going to be SO WONDERFUL! Tuesday and Thursdays are going to be the best days ever!!!

Anyway, back to Peanuts birthday. She of course, wanted a princess party, and she had her first themed party with friends. I had planned to have an outside party, but guess what happened in wonderful Oregon in August, on the morning of her party? It rained. And was like 50 something degrees out. I swear I'm cursed. Everyone was posting how wonderful it is to have cooler weather and I'm ready to hibernate for the next 9 months. So, I had to move everything inside to my tiny little kitchen and living room. We were squished, but it was ok. We made tiara's, played pin Cinderella in her castle, and had an indoor princess tea party on my living room floor. (Hey, I had to improvise!) The girls were cute and had fun with the tea party set. Tim has been out of town for work, so I was on party duty alone, but thankfully some of the mom's stayed and helped me out.

Our family party was fun too. We went to the state fair in Salem and had a barbeque with Tim's work and let the kids wander around. It was kinda fun. Kinda white trash, but this fair had a lot more than the one in Eugene. Animals, free fishing, free rock climbing, and a dinosaur exhibit! We came home and had cake and ice cream and Tim tried to make a princess cake that ended up horribly mangled. It was so funny! I tried to salvage it as best I could, but it ended up looking like it had been hit by a truck. We bought one for her party with friends thankfully! Anway, happy birthday to my little girl. You are so special and we love you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Not Ready!!!

I can see the leaves are starting to lose their lush hunter green color and fading to brown. The weather is cooling rather rapidly, which can only mean one thing...summer is coming to an end. But I'm not ready!!! I feel like the only time I saw the sun this year was while I was in St. George! It has been a rather cool and cloudy summer in Eugene and I am not ready for rain!!!

We have, however, had some fun. Dustin took swimming lessons, which was great. He got to be in the same class as his friend Jessica and they were so cute together. During our many outdoor adventures, Dustin also caught his first fish, a trout, and it was the biggest one of the day. He was super excited and proud. He loves fishing, and camping. A future boy scout. He also loves hearing stories about when Tim and I were little and asks every night, "Will you tell me a story about when you was little?"

Audrey is about to turn 3 and is still the cutest little diva around. When I was away at girls camp, Tim had to get her dressed in the morning...I heard it went something like this,
"Daaaad, dis shwirt is not matching dis skirt," in a almost crying voice.
"Well, Audrey, I don't know what matches what, they both look pink to me, if you want a different shirt, you'll have to find it."
"O.kay Dad-dy," Audrey says in a tone that could pass for a 13 year old. And she digs in her dresser till she finds the shirt that really does go with that particular skirt.
"Here it is!"
Tim stands in wonder and says, "Aren't you supposed to be 2?" Audrey laughs.

Tim also tried to do her hair, but she screamed the whole time because he put in purple hair tyes instead of pink ones to match her outfit. Tim says she cried the whole way to the babysitters house, and then asked the babysitter to take them out. Can you believe that?? That girl knows her mind. I was so proud of Tim for trying though. What dad puts pig tails in his daughters hair at 7:00 in the morning?!? He did great, I wasn't worried about the kids at all.

We've had some foster kids in and out of the house. We have a little 2 year old girl right now who is a cutie. We're not sure how long she'll be here, but it's been easy having another one around for Audrey to play with. They're only 3 months apart and they've been great together.
Tim is back in school and has more work training the next couple of months and also has an interview for a promotion this week! So please send your prayers our way!