Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Take a picture....

The other day the kids were sitting on the couch watching Imagination Movers. We just love those guys! I think their show is so great. They use their imaginations to solve problems. They call them "idea emergencies." And their music is fantastic! Fun for kids, but hip enough for grown-ups to kinda sorta admit they love it too! Anyway, this song came on called Take a Picture and it's this really sentimental song about taking a picture of all the cool stuff kids do, and how they're growing up so fast. And the chorus has a line that says, these are the days for our memories. I was looking at them, sitting there, with that sweet music playing. And I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion. Tears streaked down my face as I realized how BIG they are. Dustin is officially wearing underwear, and has done really well on the potty, he debates with me about everything, (I remember posting a while back how great it was that he could talk just enough that I know what he wants, but not enough that everything is a debate...oh yeah, I'm in debate city these days) and he is in love with airplanes, helicopters and cars. He always knows exactly what he wants, (it's never a nap) and he says the sweetest things at the most unexpected times. The other day we were driving in the car and Dustin pointed at me and said, "Mommy, you beautiful" and then he pointed at Tim and said, "Daddy you a boy." I laughed so hard. What a sweetie. One of my favorite things he does right now is wander around singing the ABC's in total disorder. It seems like such a short time has passed since he was cradled in my arms, and suddenly he's independent and so...big. He wants to do everything on his own. His favorite phrase right now is, "I wan to do it by mine-self!" Big emphasis on the self. Audrey is a fun little toddler. She is so beautiful with a sweet soprano voice. She sounds like a little fairy. She has quite the vocabulary. I would guess she can probably say about 50 clear words, which is pretty exceptional for a 16-month-old. Her favorite words right now are, "mine, no, food" and "high chair." She already loves shoes and dresses. She picked out her own Christmas dress because when I held it up to see how long it would be on her, she snatched it from me and walked away saying, "mine, no, mine!" I can't believe how early it starts. There must be something innate in us women. She also loves to give kisses. She probably leans in for a kiss 10 times a day. These are the days for our memories.
Looking at them through tear-stained eyes, I jumped between them on the couch and snuggled them close. I, of course, take tons of pictures. But I don't think pictures will be enough when I'm old and they are grown. I'll want to hold them and see them in their beds asleep. I'll want to pick them up and snuggle them on the couch. I'll want to chase them and listen to them laugh. There are some days it feels like having kids at home won't end soon enough, but there are many other days that I wish it could last forever.


Christmas ended up not being so lonely after all! My sister and her husband came down from WA and surprised us Christmas eve, and both my mom and dad came to our house Christmas day. It was kinda fun, hosting Christmas for the family. I remember being little and loving having holidays at our house with lots of friends and relatives. I think my kids probably feel the same way because they loved all the extra attention and goodies. I was so thankful this year, probably more so than I ever have been, for all that we have. I'm so thankful for a husband who loves me, 2 beautiful, healthy, kids. I'm so grateful Tim has a job during these unstable times. I'm so grateful for our home. So many have lost their homes. I should never complain about maintaining my home, what a blessing to have one! I think the number of people in need this year was bigger than it has been in the past. I've heard some tragic stories about people and families not able to make ends meet. I felt a twinge of guilt when my kids started opening up their presents. I felt like I should have done more to help others, that I didn't really look to find those in need. In that moment, I resolved to give more of what I have this year. Since we've been married, I've felt as though we've had little to give. I was always one of those "if I had I would give," people. But we have been so blessed and many are struggling far worse than we. I think I can officially throw that excuse out the window. So please everyone, if I start to complain and get a little selfish, remind me that I put it out there for the whole blog world to witness, that I am going to try, try, try, and be more self-less. Happy New Year to you all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! This time of year always get so busy with activities and party's and presents, I just wanted to leave a quick little note to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. I hope your testimonies are renewed and the Spirit touches your heart. It's going to be a lonely Christmas at our house this year. No family is coming to visit us, and we're not traveling to be with family or anything, so if anyone out there is lonely too, come on over! The more the merrier! I'm also on the lookout for good Christmas family traditions. One tradition that Tim's mom does is buy everyone a set of Christmas pj's that they open Christmas eve and everyone puts on Christmas jammies and has a pajama party. I thought that would be a fun one to carry on. So if you have any good ideas, write me a post!