Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Battle of the Buldge...

I've had this ongoing battle ever since we got back from vacation. It's me vs. the scale and the scale is winning. No matter how hard I try I can't beat it! The number stays the same! I'm not one of those people who constantly worry about weight, and I am definitely a pro-eater of all foods, but none of my jeans fit! My "fat" jeans have gotten a little tight, and my "skinny" jeans (0r fasting jeans as I like to call them) won't even button up! I'm not writing this for sympathy or using some warped method to get compliments, it's just so baffling that a woman can spend hours at the gym, eat nothing but salad, and only lose 2 lbs. While a guy could do the same thing for the same amount of time and lose like, 17 lbs! Why does it have to be so hard??? I keep on wishing there was some sort of weight loss judge that could grant me clemency. The judge would say something like, "Well---I've noticed you haven't been able to turn down chocolate cake, and you seem to be a carb-addict, but I've decided to grant you 5 lbs in weight loss anyway." And with a wave of his hand, my 5 lbs would be gone and my scale would stop laughing at me. Sigh, if anyone does anything that works without the use of a weight-loss judge, let me know.

In other news, I've gotten to do all kinds of fun stuff lately. Tim and I got free tickets to the Duck football game last Saturday with my Dad and his girlfriend. We had a free parking pass, so we got to barbecue burgers before the game and everything! We'd never been to a Duck game before so it was super-fun to see everyone in their Duck gear and hear how loud it really is. We screamed our heads off and gave high-fives after every touch down. We won, the weather was perfect, and it was the last home game, so it was even more fun! Here's a pic of Tim and I living it up at Autzen.
Let's see, I saw the new Bond movie which was pretty good. Action packed, but slower paced than the first one. We took my Mom out to Olive Garden for her birthday which is always a good time for me because (as mentioned earlier) I love food! We had a farewell party for my brother who moved in with my Grandma in Calgary. Miss ya Ty! We had a movie night at home with all kinds of snacks and beef sandwiches and watched Kung-Fu Panda. Cute show. We also tried a new place called Chicken Bonz in Springfield. It was really good! Kids eat free and the chicken is sooo tasty. Try it if you haven't! I wonder why it's so hard to lose weight and all of my fun times revolve around food....sheesh

Sunday, November 9, 2008

6 years...

On this day six years ago, I woke up to find clouds overhead in the St. George desert. My bridesmaids still didn't have shoes to wear with their dresses, and I discovered that my wedding shoes had been inadvertently packed away in a box, lost in the black hole storage unit. I too, was shoeless. So my Mom, obviously irritated, went to find shoes for us while we went to get our hair done. The hairdresser sighed at my grown-out highlights, muttering some comment about ruining her up-do. She glanced at my unpolished nails and asked me what I planned to do with them. Looking at my blank stare, she rolled her eyes and pulled a set of fake nails out of her pouch. But I didn't care. I wasn't one of those girls who had fantasized about her wedding day since birth. In fact, three months ago was the first time I had ever heard of a color scheme. Highlights, shoes, and nails were all details that any normal bride probably would have obsessed over. I felt kinda sheepish while she applied my shiny new nails, but I really could have cared less. All I knew, was that today, I was getting married to a guy I loved more than life itself.
So when we returned home late from hair and make-up, my already irate mother started to boil over because for some unknown reason, she had scheduled pictures to be taken before the ceremony that we were now incredibly late for. Determined not to let anything bother me today, I dressed as quickly as I could, but fate has a way of pushing irate mothers to new heights. While dressing into my gown, a cut on my thumb got caught and ripped off a scab that put very noticeable dots of blood all over my newly pressed wedding dress. If my mother had boiled over earlier, this was something probably resembling hysterics. I don't remember much, except that we didn't talk on the car ride there and my dress was spot free. But I didn't care. I only wanted to see Tim.
The pictures that were supposed to be taken outside in front of the temple were totally impossible because a flash flood and a monsoon of rain decided to make it's debut for the first time in months. I finally discovered why Flood Street was called Flood Street which you conveniently had to drive down to get to the reception. We also discovered that the wrong address had been printed on the invitations for our reception when people started driving through the flood to the adjacent church a few blocks away. That one kinda frustrated me. But all I really wanted and cared about was holding me tight, smiling at every hurdle. And it's pretty much been that way ever since.
Looking back now, I wish I could do it all over again. I've developed a little more taste for nice hair and color schemes and there's a ton that I would do differently. We couldn't help the weather, but it would have been nice to not have gotten soaked on our wedding day. Maybe that's why so many smart brides choose spring or summer weddings over fall. But, the guy in the tux would still be the same. I would still choose him over everything else. And although the actual day was a semi-disaster, I still look back thinking I was the luckiest bride in the world.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a great Halloween! Dustin was a bat, and Audrey was a ladybug. We had a huge struggle trying to get Dustin to put on his costume because he thought it was way too scary. I picked it up at Old Navy thinking it was so cute and also boyish so Tim would approve, but when we tried to put it on him, he started bawling and said it was too scary! We finally convinced him it was a flying pig costume and I warned him no one would give him any candy if he didn't wear a costume, so he willingly put it on for Halloween. They were so cute! Dustin absolutely loved ringing doorbells and saying trick or treat for candy! He thought it was the greatest night ever!

This is the pumpkin that Tim spent like 2 hours carving. (He's very proud of it)

Dustin met up with his friend Davin to hit up some houses. They're holding hands, so stinkin cute!