Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

These are the pictures from the ward Halloween party. Dustin was a clown, Christopher was a monkey, Tim was a mad scientist, and I wore Tigger ears because I could not think of anything cool to wear! This is the aftermath because we forgot to take our camera (of course!) but the boys looked cute. And if you couldn't tell, Tim even spiked his eyebrows to give him that crazy look! The pumpkin carving was for Family Home Evening and Christopher loved it! He kept on sticking the spoon in and out of the pumpkin and tried to pull seeds out. Dustin was intrigued for about 5 minutes and then lost interest. But our pumpkins turned out great! Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Finger Fun!!!!

Dustin and I had a blast yesterday making his first masterpiece of art. Yes, I tackled fingerpainting!! He was completely covered in paint (as you can see) and so was my floor (as you can also see) but we had so much fun!!! He was so cute. He kept on sticking his hands in the paint and rubbing it all over his chest and belly. It only lasted about 20 minutes before he lost interest and tried to touch everything else, but a good rainy day activity none the less. On another note, many of you know that Christopher has a half-brother that just got taken away from his family of 2 years (because of some problem with adoption regulations) and brought back to Oregon and DHS is trying to find a placement for the two of them together. They have essentially told us that if we are willing to take them both, we will be able to adopt them both, probably. If not, they will take Christopher away to another family where he can be with his brother. I am still in denial about the whole situation and am hoping that Jason (Christopher's brother) will be able to go back to the family he's been with his whole life and that we will be able to keep Christopher. I completely underestimated the effect that fostering kids would have on Dustin. He has gotten attached to Chris (as we all have) and I am really worried how Dustin would feel if he was taken away. Dustin calls Chris Sa-cee, and the first thing he does when he wakes up is check the crib to see if Christopher is awake. If he's still asleep, Dustin puts his finger up to his mouth and tells me "Shhhhh". I don't know what he would do if he wasn't there! I don't know, this is all so unexpected. I am trying really hard to pray and listen to the Spirit, but I don't know what to do. How can I turn away both of them and put them into the foster care system for who knows how long? On the other hand, how can I survive with 3 kids under 2?!?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Christopher's Crawling!

I meant to post this over a month ago, but Christopher started crawling! I put some toys out infront of him and he just did it! He learned so much faster than Dustin did. He was up off his stomach for about three weeks and then he could crawl. He's come so far since he first came to live with us. He learned almost exactly the same time he turned 9 months. He crawls and gets into everything all over the house and Dustin tries to ride on his back. They crack me up! No new news about the adoption. I guess they can't find the birth Mom to serve her papers. We're hopeful that things will go smoothly, but you never know with DHS! Christopher has become part of our family and the thought of the adoption not working out is so sad. The caseworker thinks that probably around Christmas time is when court stuff will be done and we will be able to start the adoption. Thanks to all of you who have been supportive and helpful since he came to live with us.