Monday, September 29, 2008

The Best Vacation Yet...

We just got back from vacationing in St. George! I'm happy to be home, but a little overwhelmed now that I'm back to reality. We've been gone for 2 weeks, which is the longest vacation I've ever had (not including school breaks). We stayed with Tim's parents, who spoiled the kids, and spoiled me because they cooked, cleaned, babysat, and even took me shopping! Now that I'm home, food doesn't get served to me, I remembered I'm the server! And the house doesn't magically get cleaned nor do the dishes wash themselves at my house either. Bummer. Also, there's the tiny issue of bills I've been evading for the past couple of weeks. Those didn't appear in my name...till I got home. But, we had a great time. Tim and I left the kids for the first time ever and took off to sunny So Cal totally alone! It was strange at first. I felt guilty for leaving the kids, and it was almost intimidating to go somewhere alone with Tim. I realized that we haven't had a vacation together without family or friends since our honeymoon! In almost 6 years, we've never gone somewhere alone together! But that all changed last week. We got to meet my best friend Kimmy and her new hubby Alex at Magic Mountain to ride some awesome roller coasters and then Tim and I went to Disneyland completely alone! It was like a second honeymoon! 4 days away from the kids was hard, but it was refreshing to spend some time with my hubby! Here's some highlights of the past two weeks...

1) Our first day, we went to a HUGE indoor/outdoor waterpark with super fun kid and toddler zones that both Dustin and the baby loved. We unfortunately forgot our camera for that event.

2) But, we went to another outdoor waterpark that we did catch on film. This is the kids at the Mainstreet park that has a little stream and wading area with waterfalls.

3) Tim took me to see Les Mis at the outdoor Tuachan Ampitheater. Totally awesome! It's nestled in Snow Canyon so all you see is huge bright red cliffs around the stage and the show was incredible!

4) We also hiked through Snow Canyon and had a picnic in the shade. The Canyon is so gorgeous and I loved the hot dry heat. Here's Tim with the baby and the canyon in the background.

5) We did two hikes at Zion National Park. This is a must-see-before-you-die park. The hikes are amazing, the views are breathtaking and it's home to the best cheeseburger I've ever had. Here we are along the Virgin River on our way to the Narrows.

6) This is Kim and I waiting in line at Magic Mountain. We did alot of waiting because it was packed! But the roller coasters were totally worth it. Kim and Alex are a super fun couple to hang out with. Love ya Kimmy!

7) After shopping, and going out to eat with my BFF, Tim and I headed down to Disneyland. No lines, great weather, and best of all no kids! Every time I started to feel bad about leaving our kids, we passed parents with screaming kids, and I felt better. It was great to enjoy the park together and do all the stuff that's hard to do with little ones. We went late night swimming at the hotel, went out to eat and actually got to enjoy our food! Anyway, here's a little shot of Tim and I with Wall-e!

We've only been back one day and I'm ready for another vacation!!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Terrible Two's...

The other day Dustin and I were taking a nap together...or so I thought. Turns out I was asleep while Dustin was "doing laundry". I woke up to find this...
...beside my bed. He had taken every single article of clothing out of the dressers and put them all in a huge pile. Underwear, socks, jeans, pjs, everything! Not only that but, I opened my eyes to find Dustin laying in the pile (*WARNING* this next bit may be for Moms only, stop reading if you have a sensitive gag reflex) saying, "little poop Mom, little poop," with his diaper halfway pulled down and poop all over the clean clothes. (This picture is minus the poopy clothes) SO FUN. Only not. As if that wasn't a big enough mess to clean up, he also hit up the bathroom and pulled everything out of those drawers.
Including an entire box of tampons. Nice. Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a day that I won't have to clean up poop or find a catastrophic mess after leaving my kids alone for 2 seconds! Oh, and Dustin also took out my makeup and put on mascara. I couldn't be mad for that one though. How can you resist this face!!
I'll look back and laugh one day...right??