Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone Want to Buy Our House?!?!

Go to rmls.com and type in MLS#10048785 Pleeeeease help us sell our house!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain, Diets, and Fishing...

Ever since we got back from Florida it has done nothing but rain here in beautiful Oregon, so I booked another flight to sunny Las Vegas and will be staying with my mom and then with my in-laws in a place where I can actually go outside without a sweater. And I was so depressed about the rain, that I didn't even book a flight back home!!! Only because there weren't any good deals at the time though, plus we're going to be traveling a lot and I wasn't sure what airport we would be flying out from. Anybody looking for a cheap flight from Eugene, Medford, or Bend should go to allegiantair.com They have super cheap flights, but you have to know how to navigate their web page a little. Like, you don't have to pay for your seats if you click a little tiny button, and you are automatically charged for a shuttle that you have to zero out of. But other than that, you can fly to Vegas and back for less than $100 bucks a ticket. It's been so wonderful to be able to see our family for a reasonable price. It's been kinda funny when Tim tells people we're leaving though it goes something like this...
"Hey! Jen and the kids are going out of town so I'm planning a game night while she's gone."
"Really! Sweet! When is she coming back?"
"I dunno, she booked a one way flight..."
With an immediate and concerned look, "Oh....well....um....is everything...y'know...ok with you guys?"
Guys are so funny. We love our friends. I'm a little concerned that they think a one-way flight means something so dramatic though...don't we seem happy???

Anyway, Dustin's first year of preschool is over, only one more left till kindergarten!!! I'm glad we have another year of preschool because I will prolly freak out a little when I have to take him to big kid school. I've been so thankful for preschool though because it has guaranteed me a workout slot twice a week, but it's all over now. I got so desperate to lose weight that I finally gave in to an actual diet because losing weight has become impossible with just working out (another sign that I am losing all mercy of my youth and will be doing nothing but aging for the rest of my life). Tim decided to do it with me and I'm so thankful he did because it would have been impossible for me to do it without his support. But here's the totally unfair part. The first week, I lost 5lbs. Tim lost 12lbs. Twelve pounds!!!! We made it 8 days before we cheated, but we're still both trying together to lose weight. It's made me recognize some of my eating patterns and forced me to cook more healthy meals. Hopefully I can get back down to where I'd like to be...wish me luck!! Weight loss SUCKS.

We stayed at my dad's for memorial weekend and spent most the time fishing. The kids loved it. Dustin has been asking to go fishing for a long time and he stayed on the dock for 4 hours just casting his Spiderman pole. Audrey had a little princess pole she was happy with. I've never really liked fishing, but it was fun to watch the kids. No one caught anything but my dad, and I cleaned and gutted my first fish. I chopped it's head off and everything, and we cooked those little guys for dinner. A whole new experience for me!

Well, Oregon, we will be back when you decide to clean up your act and make this place a little less depressing.