Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I remember before my firstborn could speak, I had a conversation with a mom who had kids a little older than mine. It went something like this,
"I love you mommie"
"Awwww, that is so cute! Your daughter is just adorable," I cooed.
"Thanks," The other mom said.
"I'll bet it's really fun when your kid can finally talk to you. I can't wait for Dustin to stop yelling and babbling and start talking."
"Yeah, it is fun, and they do say cute things, but then you have to answer to them all the time."

She was right.

It is fun when your kids start talking, and you get to see more of their personality. BUT, then the questions start. Questions you don't even think a toddler should be capable of asking like, "How do babies get inside Mommy's tummy's? What happens when I die? Why do I have a pee-pee?" (All of which Dustin has asked me) And the mother of all questions that every mom hears at least 3 billion times a day, "WHY?"

I am accosted by why questions all day long by Dustin and Audrey. It's starting to get out of control. I try so hard to be patient and remember that they are curious and learning, but sometimes it just gets ridiculous! Sometimes I think they're saying it out of habit, and sometimes I think they say it just for the heck of it. And one answer is never enough!

"Why do we got a new couch?"
"Because the other one had rips and tears in it, and it started to stink."
"Because you guys jumped all over it, spilled sippy cups on it, and peed all over it."
"Oh...why? Why do we do dat?"
"Well, you two weren't very gentle with the couch, and when you were learning to use the potty you guys had accidents all over it."
"Why what!?!"
"Why we had axcidens all ober it?"
"Because you guys were still learning."
"Oh... ... ... wwwwwhyieeee?"

It's a constant cycle. It's worse than laundry. I guess I should appreciate these days when they want to learn from me and talk to me. But some days I just have to ask the question....why????

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the Winter Blues Set in...

Man, January and February are tough months for me! Christmas is over so there's nothing to brighten up the ugly clouds and horrible darkness that starts creeping in around 4:00 in the afternoon. I'm pretty sure I have SAD or something, because if I wake up to a dark and dreary morning one more time, I might lose it! Oregon winters have always been hard for me. Anyway, the good thing about the holidays being over is that Dustin went back to preschool! He was so excited and ready for it. And so was I. Now that neither of my kids take naps, I'm finding it super difficult to find things to keep them entertained for 12 hours. Every. Single. Day. So it's even harder when I don't have something like preschool to brake up the day. But he is back, and that means my gym schedule is back on, and that is much needed after all my holiday indulging.

My kids keep on getting bigger. Dustin started Primary a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe it. I got all emotional leaving him in that big chair next to his teacher. It was just so weird! He's a kid now. I was so worried he would freak out without toys or snacks, but he did great! He was totally reverent is his seat and didn't complain at all. I was the one who kept asking if he was alright, and he just looked up at me like, "Okay...you can go now..." Sigh, it's be the first look of many, I'm sure.

Audrey is getting cuter and sassier by the day. She just had a big growth spurt and has outgrown everything overnight. It's amazing how that happens! One day it fits, the next, goodwill. I absolutely love the way she talks, and most the time I love that she still wants me to hold her. Her favorite things to eat are chocolate and fruit snacks. She'll eat like a bird all day long, but if she gets a hold of either of those, she'll down it in 5 seconds flat. I think she ate nothing but chocolate all holiday long. The only other person who rivals her is my Mom. They share an addiction.

Another thing that's feeding my SAD is that my BFF stay-at-home mommy friend is moving. Our kids have played together almost every single day. We both have kids 15 months apart, and we both like to get out of the house every day, so we've shared countless walks, playdates, birthdays, (her and I also happen to have the same birthday! Weird, huh!) moves, phone calls, EVERYTHING! It's going to be really hard when next week when they're gone. I'm still in the denial phase, but I'm sure it'll start to sink in soon. Anyone who wants a to have a playdate, PLEASE CALL ME!!!! Seriously.