Sunday, January 30, 2011

Since Our Life is Measured in Disney Vacations...

This is mine and Audrey's "mean face" on the bumper cars.

Just proof that my kids really do love each other. Awww

I finally have a reason to update my blog! I realize I've skipped Christmas and New Years, and even though I'm late, I wanted to say that they were both great. We had our first Christmas at home by ourselves, and it was really fun. We've started a tradition on Christmas Eve of opening PJ's, that we all put on, then we open a game, that we all play together, and then the kids open special Christmas books that we read before bedtime. We played a game called Break the Ice, and the kids loved How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Spirit of Christmas for our evening reading. Dustin was over the moon about his R/C helicopters Christmas morning, and Audrey was in love with her princess dress-up's and an Ariel doll. We went over to Flo for Christmas dinner and my sister was there with her husband which made it so great. New Years, Brian and Ann came over and Tim did his first 5K race with Brain at midnight. My kids love their kids, and it was a fun adventure to go and cheer the daddy's on. Good job Timmah!

Since we live to go on vacation (mostly to Disneyland), and my blog really only gets updated after we go somewhere, I think I'm going to rename my blog, "We Live For Disney!" It's really more accurate. But this trip was especially great. Here is why this trip was SO WONDERFUL! We got 4 plane tickets from Eugene to LAX round trip, for $353! Thank you Allegiant! The weather was 78 and sunny every day, the parks were totally empty, with hardly any wait, my mom was able to take the week off and spend every day with us, we went to the beach and watched the surfers at Dana Point, built a sand turtle, Tim and Dustin played in the waves, and Dustin tried boogie boarding (for about 5 seconds till he had his first wipe out and tumbled in the sand). He came running back to the blanket, threw a towel over his head, and said, "That..was horrible." Poor guy. We got to see World of Color again and we also saw Fantasmic for the first time. I love the shows, Disney has a way of making me feel emotional in a good way. I got to sunbathe and the kids went swimming outside, and best of all, I never had to cook! The kids were so great the whole time, not a single melt-down. Thanks mom for the great time!