Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our Awesome Vacation

For those of you who don't know, we just went to California for 9 days and it was awesome! Well, mostly. We drove, and on the way down it was super hot outside, so naturally it was a perfect time for the A/C in the van to stop working. So we drove through the deserts of California with all the windows down and naked babies in the back! When we finally got there we stayed in an awesome Condo with Tim's parents (they own a time share) and Tim and I got to go to Universal together the very next day while Tim's parents watched the kids! Woo Hoo! Besides a slight mix-up with our tickets, we had a blast. Unfortunately we forgot the camera that day so no pics of that. The next day, we went to Sea World in San Diego with everybody. It was so fun! The babies were pretty good, they even sat through most of the shows! I loved it. The weather was awesome, I got to see Shamu, and Tim's parents helped take care of the kids so I got a break! The next day was Disneyland, which was fun except that first thing in the morning I realized Chris had thrush so we drove all over Anaheim looking for medicine. But we had a great time after we got that taken care of. We went to the Zoo the next day in San Diego. It was cool, not many of the animals were out, and Christopher had a puking fiasco all over the stroller, but the Zoo is huge and worth a look if you've never seen it before. And the last two days were at Disneyland. We had a blast, but on the very last day Dustin had a fever and we spent the whole morning in urgent care to find out he had an ear infection. But we got medicine and he was a trooper the whole day. Despite getting sick, the kids were so good the whole time. They were even really good in the car, Dustin actually slept which is atypical, neither of them screamed or got scared on any of the rides, Tim's parents were a huge help, and the weather was sunny even though the forecast called for rain! All in all it was a blast and a great break from the everyday.

This is me and Dustin at the Star Fish exhibit. He loved picking them up and tossing them back in. He thought it was a riot!
Chris and I at Dolphin Cove. A few dolphins swam by really close, but not close enough to touch, darn it!
I had to throw in a picture of the infamous Shamu!
Dustin at the petting zoo at the San Diego Zoo. He wasn't really into the animals. He mostly just stared!
All of us after riding Winnie the Pooh, which I think was the kids' favorite ride!
Of course we had to go on Dumbo!

This was how we had the kids loaded up the whole time. Tons of stuff in the stroller with me pushing and Tim looking at the map!

The boys and I clownin around in Toon Town.

Dustin surfin with Tims Dad at California Adventure.
The boys on Tom Sawyer Island at the end of the treasure trail.
Grandma and Grandpa bought the boys Mickey Ears with their names on the back. So Cute!
Me and Mrs. Incredible, how fitting!


Chelsea said...

Love the picture of you and Mrs. Incredible. And, so sad Dustin got an ear infection when I was not around! Glad you are back! We missed you!

Brianne said...

SO FUN! I'm so glad you guys had a good time and the boys did well on such a long trip. Too cute with Mrs. Incredible! Too bad about the AC too...been there, done that. Not with little ones, but when I was little myself...not fun. Glad you had a good time with the fam.

Tara said...

That looks so fun! I want to go!! I can't wait until little Drew gets old enough to enjoy things like that.