Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dustin and Tim!! And Easter Too!!

Whew! I am finally blogging about our busy weekend! We had 3 birthdays to celebrate, and Easter. We were partyin fools. My brother has a birthday on the 21st, and Dustin and Tim have their birthday on the 24th (yes, Dustin was born on Tim's birthday, he got the best present ever!) so we usually have a big family party to celebrate the 3 birthdays. This year, Tim made the best steaks ever, and we had an amazingly huge chocolate cake from Costco. My sister and her hubby drove down from Kennewick to celebrate with us and got to stay in our freshly painted guest room. It was fun to have everyone together and hang out and eat food.

(I told you the cake was huge!)

The next day was Easter, so we got to party some more! We colored eggs, cooked a ham and had a huge brunch with everybody, had an easter egg hunt and then opened Easter baskets. Dustin and Tim were so funny coloring the eggs. Tim was trying really hard to make his swirl eggs look pretty and Dustin just wanted to make a mess. After Tim gave up trying to get Dustin to make "pretty" eggs we all had a good time. Dustin had fun ploping as many eggs as he could into one color, and then he would move right on to the next color. He didn't really care about the end result, he just liked picking eggs up and dropping them.

The egg hunt was super fun. We hid plastic eggs all over the living room and Dustin picked up his little bucket and knew just what to do. Every time he saw an egg he'd run over and pick it up and yell, "egg!" And then he'd open it up and yell, "trrrreeeat!" He was so excited! I think he did that same thing for every egg.
The next day was Dustin and Tim's actual Birthday, and unfortunately, we spent the morning at the doctor's office because Dustin got an ear infection. Bummer! We kinda just took it easy for the day, and then we had some friends over in the evening for cake and ice cream yet again! Tim got a motorcycle helmet and a Wii for his presents and we bought Dustin his first tricycle for his present!
Happy Birthday to both my boys! I love you so much!


Chelsea said...

I love the cake with all the numbers on it. That's classic.

Rach said...

That was an awesome weekend! I loved sleeping in that pastel green room!.....and the steaks, well, I still have dreams about them

carizolli said...

Great pics Jen! Wowsa - I can't believe how busy your weekend was! I mean, you told us about it, but reading about it exhausted me! I prolly would have called the friends' party off because of burnout! You guys are party animals!

P&J Productions said...

Sounds like so much fun. I'm sorry that we couldn't make it. Jessica has been sick and I just don't want to spread it around. You guys are such fun parents to let Dustin color eggs. I was too scared of the mess Jessica would make so I bagged it until next year.

Tara said...

How fun!

Man, that is a scrumptious looking cake at the top of your post. I'm seriously dying for some chocolate cake now. Thanks a lot! :)