Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had a great Halloween! Dustin was a bat, and Audrey was a ladybug. We had a huge struggle trying to get Dustin to put on his costume because he thought it was way too scary. I picked it up at Old Navy thinking it was so cute and also boyish so Tim would approve, but when we tried to put it on him, he started bawling and said it was too scary! We finally convinced him it was a flying pig costume and I warned him no one would give him any candy if he didn't wear a costume, so he willingly put it on for Halloween. They were so cute! Dustin absolutely loved ringing doorbells and saying trick or treat for candy! He thought it was the greatest night ever!

This is the pumpkin that Tim spent like 2 hours carving. (He's very proud of it)

Dustin met up with his friend Davin to hit up some houses. They're holding hands, so stinkin cute!


carizolli said...

Cuuuuute costumes! They both look so darling!

And that pumpkin certainly looks like a masterpiece!

Halloween gets more fun the older the kids get, huh?

Chison said...

is that an R2-D2 Costume? Cool! Dustin looked great in his bat costume.

LeaAnne said...

How fun!! I am sure those boys had a great time! I love this age !

PJ Productions said...

Oh Audrey looks so cute with the make-up on! I love the pumpkin and the pic of Dustin and Davin.