Monday, June 29, 2009

Craziness = Happiness

The past couple of weeks have been crazy! My Mom and sister were in town, and I got to go birthday shopping with them for a day. One thing that my Mom knows how to do really well, is shop. She finds the best deals! I don't know how she does it. I can look at a rack and not see a single thing. She digs through it and finds and entire outfit, on sale, and then she'll find shoes on clearance to go with it! Unfortunately, I did not get the shopping gene, but it's a talent I hope to develop! Hangin with my sis was really fun too. Everywhere we go, we quote movie lines and sing like we're living in a musical. It's not unusual for us to be in a restarunt and inconspicuosly start singing Summer Lovin' while swaying side to side. We've gotten better about not doing it in public, but as soon as we get inside the car, we bust out! It's fun to have someone who's theatrical like me around.
We had an awesome barbeque for Father's Day. The kids made Disney cards for Tim, and Dustin yelled, "Surprise!" when he gave it to him. So cute. We also saw Transformers 2 as part of Father's Day and Tim got to the theatre an hour and a half early so we would have good seats. You don't mess around with Transformers.
Anyway, having lots of family around was fun, and as always, our gatherings revolved around eating out which was great, but here's the problem I have with that...
As many of you know, I am training for a marathon. And it's going really well so far. I've improved my mile time, I feel stronger, and I'm starting to see myself as a real runner (something I never thought would be possible!). In fact, I ran 10 miles in 91 minutes today. And with all this running, one would think that I would most definitly be losing weight. Well, one would be wrong! How is this possible, you might ask? Well, I'll tell you. Everytime a food opportunity is presented to me, a little devil on my shoulder pipes up and says, "Of course you can have german chocolate cake with ice cream, you're training for a marathon for crying out loud! Eat the cake! You'll run it off later!" My left brain can't seem to find any false logic to this statement and so....I give in! All the time! Like a billion times a day! I need help people! Or I am going to be rolling the 26.2 miles!
Sheesh! Everything else is going really well though. I am so ready for summer! The kids are great. Dustin is saying the funniest stuff right now. Audrey is starting to potty train, which is so hard for me! It feels like so much work. And I'm in battle with myself over whether or not she's ready. She willingly goes on the potty, when I put her on it, but she isn't at a point where she can tell me if she needs to go--alas the struggle. But look at how cute she is!


carizolli said...

What a little cutie on the potty! BIG girl! I hear ya though! Potty training is no walk in the park. I hate it!

We almost went to the wading pool today! That would have been fun! We'll have to plan an outing sometime.

I say eat that cake! You're burning more calories - you need the fuel. Why not have that fuel taste good, right?

Chelsea said...

Potty training. Holy Cow. I'm so jealous of the marathon training. miss you.

Rach said...

um, I believe it is YOU who are like I in the theater department! hehe, j/k. It is fun to bust a move and sing some Broadway songs!