Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

I can't believe my baby is 2!!!! She is such a cutie, a week before her birthday, we had this conversation...

Me: So Audrey, what do you want for your Happy Birthday?!?
Audrey: Ummmm, a pink one!!!
Me: You'd like to have a pink Birthday party?
Audrey: YEAH!!!
Me: Ok, but what would you like to open for your birthday present?
Audrey: PINK one.
Me: You just want pink? Would you like a new dolly?
Audrey: Yeah! A pink one!!

What can I say, the girl loves pink! And so, we had a pink birthday. No theme, just pink. Pink balloons, pink streamers, pink wrapping; it looked like we were having a baby shower! My mom drove all the way up from California and my sister and her husband came down to be there for our little girl. We had a fun family day. We went to see Up, played at Chuck E. Cheese, had lunch at Applebee's and opened a pink frenzy of presents. She's so funny, she gets just as excited about new clothes and shoes as she does about new toys. She's such a girl, and getting so big! I love you so much Peanut!!


PJ Productions said...

Happy Birthday sweet Audrey, you are just as cute as can be. I think a "pink one" is a great choice.

Rach said...

oh she DEFINITELY had a pink birthday!