Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the past couple of weeks...

We DROVE all the way to St. George in ONE day, which went surprisingly well. The kids were great, and Audrey didn't have one single accident! I was so proud of her! The whole time Dustin kept asking how long this car ride would be, and he also mentioned a few thousand times that he, "really, really, wanted to get out of this car," but for the most part, everyone was happy. After we got to St. George, Audrey got her first hair cut from Aunt Jen,
which was totally cute! Dustin got his hair cut too, and Aunt Jen gave them special treats for not crying. Jen also gave me a super cute short bob that you will see in a later picture. Thanks Jen! The next few days were spent swimming, going to Jumping Jacks and putting up Halloween decorations. Grandma and Poppa had tons of fun crafts and things to do to keep our little ones busy which is so fun for them! Here they are with the pumpkins they made!
At the end of the week, my Mom came and stayed at Tim's parents house for the sole purpose of the trip which was so that I could do ba buummmmm...St. George Marathon! A marathon is 26.2 miles and I did it! I had never been a runner till I started training, so I was proud of myself for finishing. And if you're wondering how I felt, all you have to do is look at this picture 2 miles before the finish line...
Not my best, I know...really, I think the best comparison for a marathon is labor. I'll have to forget how long and hard it was before I decide to do another one! I have to give a big thank-you to my hubby who was so supportive the whole way through. Love you babe!
After a couple of days of recovery, we took off with Jake and Jen (Tim's brother and sister-in-law. They both married Jen's, isn't that funny!) down to SoCal. We played at Huntington beach, which was beautiful! The sand is so pretty, surfers were everywhere, and we took a walk down the pier and had lunch at the end.
But the day wasn't over yet! Then my mom came and watched the kids and Jake, Jen, Tim and I all went to Universal Studios to watch a taping of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien! I was totally excited! We love Conan, he's such a goof! This is a pic walking down to the Studio.
It was so fun to see how they do things, and we got to see Edward Norton and Kristen Stewart in live person! After that, we went to the Citywalk and had dinner at the Hard Rock, and then we drove down Hollywood Boulevard and saw the red carpet and people in tuxes and realized it was a movie premiere at the Chinese Theatre! How cool are we?!? Such a great date night, and Jake and Jen were really fun to hang out with. The next day was Disneyland Dustin was tall enough to ride almost all the rides!!! Some of them he liked, and some of them he didn't. Space Mountain was a Halloween Ghost theme, and he thought the ghost was a little too scary! But he loved Splash Mountain, Soarin, Pirates, and Bumper Cars.
We thought for sure he would love Thunder Mountain, and he was soooo excited to ride it. This is him right when we got on the train.
And this is him during the ride.
He decided the dark caves were a little too scary, and the train went a little too fast! But nothing held him back, we went on ride after ride! Audrey was a little trooper, she went on everything, and wasn't scared at all! We took time to see some of the Princesses and characters, and the kids loved it! It's so fun to see your kids so excited! Audrey kept hugging them over and over, everyone in line was laughing because she was so cute with them, especially Pooh and Tigger, she probably hugged them 10 times each!
We also met up with my Mom in the evening and we went to a Trick or Treat Party at California Adventure. The kids got to dress up in their costumes and go Trick or Treating all around the park! It was awesome! The decorations were so cool, they had dance pads and DJ's, and you could dance with the characters, and the lines were short! There was a Halloween parade, and Audrey got to dance with Jesse (her favorite). This is the kids in their costumes. Audrey is Cinderella, and Dustin was a pirate. We had so much fun that night!
A good time was had by all. We just love vacation!


PJ Productions said...

Great pictures. I can't believe that you had time to do so much. Great job on the marathon, you rock!

LeaAnne said...

Hey Jen, I just wanted to tell you that I am in AWE of you and your ability to keep a goal! I wish I was more like you~ Love ya~

Rach said...

wahoo! Like the cut seester!

Good job on the marathon. You rock.