Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I remember before my firstborn could speak, I had a conversation with a mom who had kids a little older than mine. It went something like this,
"I love you mommie"
"Awwww, that is so cute! Your daughter is just adorable," I cooed.
"Thanks," The other mom said.
"I'll bet it's really fun when your kid can finally talk to you. I can't wait for Dustin to stop yelling and babbling and start talking."
"Yeah, it is fun, and they do say cute things, but then you have to answer to them all the time."

She was right.

It is fun when your kids start talking, and you get to see more of their personality. BUT, then the questions start. Questions you don't even think a toddler should be capable of asking like, "How do babies get inside Mommy's tummy's? What happens when I die? Why do I have a pee-pee?" (All of which Dustin has asked me) And the mother of all questions that every mom hears at least 3 billion times a day, "WHY?"

I am accosted by why questions all day long by Dustin and Audrey. It's starting to get out of control. I try so hard to be patient and remember that they are curious and learning, but sometimes it just gets ridiculous! Sometimes I think they're saying it out of habit, and sometimes I think they say it just for the heck of it. And one answer is never enough!

"Why do we got a new couch?"
"Because the other one had rips and tears in it, and it started to stink."
"Because you guys jumped all over it, spilled sippy cups on it, and peed all over it."
"Oh...why? Why do we do dat?"
"Well, you two weren't very gentle with the couch, and when you were learning to use the potty you guys had accidents all over it."
"Why what!?!"
"Why we had axcidens all ober it?"
"Because you guys were still learning."
"Oh... ... ... wwwwwhyieeee?"

It's a constant cycle. It's worse than laundry. I guess I should appreciate these days when they want to learn from me and talk to me. But some days I just have to ask the question....why????


PJ Productions said...

I love you Jen. The WHY stage is tough. It drains me faster than rude behavior because it is so constant. I am trying to find a balance and be more of a sweet patient mom. So far I feel like I am failing. Why?


I love your postings...there so entertaining, but isn't it the truth!! I deal with the same thing and I feel like I get so impatient, but you can only answer that question so many times. We will definately look back and love this stage when our kids are older and don't want to talk to us...being a mom is tough.

Jake and Jen said...

Probably the best was when Dustin asked, "Why does Wicket get to poop in the backyard and I have to use the potty?"
Because Wicket can't flush the toilet.
Dustin understood completely.

Rach said...


Mom...Mom....Mom...Mummie...Mummie...Mom...Mummie....Mom....Mom...Mummie..Mummie....Mom....Mom????.....Mom......Mom....Mummie..................WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............Hi :o)

Ann said...


I hear ya...

Thanks so much for being my angel again today. I am so grateful for you and your family...What would we do without you? Hope you guys come over soon!