Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Kids Both Lost Their First Tooth! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of Course, Disneyland.

Here goes! We went to Disneyland. Again. Audrey got to ride a lot of things for the first time because she was finally tall enough! Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror! All of which she loved. Especially Tower of Terror. I'm not kidding! She loved it! She went on it twice in a row and then again the next day. Man, she is one roller coaster riding fool. Dustin was finally tall enough for Indiana Jones. Which he did not love. We stayed at the Embassy Suites which was gorgeous! And the weather was great. We got to see both sets of our parents and some Aunts and Uncles, so that made it even better!

Then Halloween happened. Dustin was a knight in shining armor, and Audrey was a cheerleader and then a witch. They each had a Halloween party at school and then we went trick or treating with our friends which was so great. It didn't even rain on us! And the kids made out like bandits.

Not long after Halloween, Dustin lost his first tooth! The next morning, he woke up and looked under his pillow, and said, "ONES?!?! I was hoping for one HUNDREDS!! Didn't my tooth fairy know that?!?" I died laughing. I didn't even know he knew what a hundred dollar bill was! But apparently he asked the tooth fairy for some Benjamins, and discovered he got a working class fairy instead. It's tough to be 5 sometimes.

The very next day, Audrey announced she had a wiggly tooth! Pretty soon hers popped out too! She was just happy and excited to have a missing tooth and two dollars. Man, I hope the tooth fairy always remembers to come to our house, because I am terrible at that kind of stuff!

Then there was Thanksgiving. So thankful that we could have dinner with friends. It's hard without family close by.

Most recently, Dustin had his first surgery with anesthesia. We finally succumbed to ear tubes. I was a little nervous, but he was so brave and funny. He kept telling the nurses funny stories about remote control monster trucks, and how he's not 5, he's 5 and a HALF. He also told the doctor never to wear that funny blue surgery hat to school or people might laugh at him. Then when they put the gas mask on, he announced that it was, "Like what the Blue Angles wear! Only, dey aren't really angels, and dey aren't really blue. Dey just fly planes." OMG everyone was rolling! He's such a character. After he woke up, he said, "Whooaaa, why is this world spinning?!" And then he told the nurse that the gas tasted really bad, and they should make pizza flavored gas. He was completely fine and was bouncing off the walls an hour later. I hope these tubes help his hearing and ear infections. I know I need to post pictures of all this. Hopefully I can get the motivation!!!

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Jake and Jen said...

I seriously have the cutest niece and nephew ever. haha... only Dustin would think of Pizza flavored gas. I've been meaning to call you. We need to plan a trip up there. And Jen...
It didn't rain on Halloween because it doesn't rain in Oregon. Try to plan a month that we can come where it will rain. So far we've hit March and June. Love ya!