Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I know, I know, I have been slacking...big time. But when the rain finally dries up and the sun starts to shine, I put off all the inside house-y things (like spending time on the computer) and focus on going as many places as we possibly can! (I have a tremendous laundry pile and a half-painted bathroom to prove it)
Summer has been great so far. The weather has been perfect with only one day of rain in the past month. Which of course, is one day too many for me. But we have had plenty of great, dry, even borderline hot, weather to have some fun adventures.
Firstly, I joined 6,000 others who felt the need to get up at 6am and run several miles on our country's most celebrated holiday. (Someone told me it's the Eugeneian way!) Yes, I ran the 4th of July Butte to Butte. Besides being lost for a couple of hours at the end, it was actually a pretty fun run. Lot's of hype and music. Thanks to Robin for sticking it out with me! You did great girl!
We spend the rest of the day boating with a few other families which was my favorite part of the day. The clouds cleared, the sun began to shine, we cruised around, wake-boarded, laid out in the sun, ate tons of unhealthy food....perfect. Then we went to another friends house and ate more unhealthy food and spent the whole night blowing up 100 dollars worth of fireworks. The guys obviously enjoyed that part the most and kept saying something about it being their patriotic duty.
Shortly after that, I got introduced to the Twilight world. I know I'm a little late, because this has been over the blog world for quite some time now. But put a chalk line up for me...I'm hooked. I finished the first 3 in a week. I think you all know how obsessed I am. I don't know how I'm going to function in the real world when Breaking Dawn comes out. I'll be there this Friday at midnight to get my reserved copy finally! I don't know how all the rest of you could stand waiting a year between saga's!! I had a hard time waiting 3 weeks!
When I was able to will myself out of Bella-and-Edward-land, we spent a weekend at the coast and went to the Newport Aquarium. So fun! I mean, it's not exactly Sea World, but really amazing for Oregon attraction standards. The kids had fun. Dustin loved the shark tunnel, and the jellyfish exhibit. Worth doing if you haven't done it before.
We've had lots of fun hiking adventures. Sweet Creek Falls has been one of my favorites so far. It's a breathtaking trail by Mapleton with beautiful waterfalls and cliffs. We had 4 Moms and 10 kids that day so it was a big group. The kids had fun catching salamanders and swimming, we had a picnic lunch in the sun by the river, swam some more, and headed back. Thanks to all the brave Moms who went with me!
Kristine introduced us to a great spot to go blueberry picking on a cute little farm south of town which was a really great way to entertain the kids. And the blueberry's were so cheap!! I'm never buying them from Costco again! I'm so glad Kristine has been willing to take us out to these places because it's always been so fun and satisfying. There's something about gathering your own food. It's almost therapeutic.
Finally, we just came back from visiting my sister in Kennewick. We got to watch the hydro-boat races on the Columbia gorge which was really neat to see. And Tim got to visit some old friends (he went to high-school there) which was also fun. The weather was so beautiful. I think 90 is perfect! Thanks seester for hosting a fun weekend!
Thanks again to all my Mom friends who has made this summer so much fun! I would be completely bored without you and I'm making a new rule that none of you are allowed to move away unless I give permission!!!

So there!


Lima Bean said...

I hear what you're saying about no one else is allowed to move away! We'll be the team that finds jobs for husbands here in Eugene so people won't have to look elsewhere.

I'm so glad you've joined us on all the fun mom excursions. It wouldn't be the same without you! I'm sad I missed that fun sweet creek journey.

Rach said...

Gracias on the amazingly fun weekend! I loved having everyone here. I kinda miss it.... :o( Anyway, to change my template I just went on google and searched blogger layouts/templates and it gave me a gazillion websites to choose from. I think you just have to be careful where you get the codes from. Mine totally deleted all my blog buddies :o( that's it, just google and go!

Chelsea said...

Do I have your permission? I'm going to start a campaign to move everyone out to Provo to live by me! Sounds so anti-Chelsea, but we have to make the best of what we've got to work with right?

Beth said...

Welcome to the vampire world... pretty cool huh? I still haven't gotten the new book but it's on my list of to-do's in the near future. :)

Jen said...

No, Chelsea, that's the beauty of it. You do NOT have my permission to move away. Looks like you're stuck here till I change my mind!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rach said...

10%...not great, but not bad!

Tara said...

TAG! See my blog for further details!