Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Craft Day!

Anytime I do anything arsty and crafty on my own, without help-- it's a big deal for me. I'm artistic, but not in a crafty sense. So the other day Dustin was bored out of his mind and I was feeling adventurous and found something online that we could do together. (It also happened to be the only one I had all the supplies for!) I'll give you my own instructions because the web site didn't have pics and was really vague.

We made a little crab!!!

You can do it too! All you need is

A paper plate
Egg carton (for eyes)
Red construction paper

Just take the paper plate and have your kid put glue all over the top of it. Then have them sprinkle sand all over the top till it's completely covered. Next cut out your crab legs and pinchers while the glue is drying. Then fold the plate in half and glue the legs on in between the plate halfs. You can either staple or glue your crab together (just know that glue takes longer to dry and needs some pressure to keep it shut) Then cut out two eyes from the egg carton and glue those on top! Voila!

Dustin had super fun making this and played with it for days afterward. Good luck!


carizolli said...

That is so cute, Jen!

Here is a blog you might be interested in:

She has a lot of crafts that would be for the boys' age...and she ALWAYS posts pictures :)

We've only done a couple of her activities, but they all look like fun.

Chelsea said...

Way cute. Love the pics of your kids. They are getting so big, and I am missing it! Sad day.

Rach said...

haha! That's cute!

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