Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anyone Out There Blogging or Commenting? Anyone?

I haven't blogged for a while because it seems like NO ONE is into blogging these days. Facebook has taken over the world, and the competition to see how many "friends" one can possibly have has thrown poor ol' blogspot to the curb. (It's so funny to me when people you hardly even know want to "friend" you. As in, "Hmmmm, I think I met that girl at the thing over at what's-her-names house like 3 years ago.") However, I hope to be old and grey one day and read my blog from way back in the stone age of computers and remember what it was REALLY like in my day to day life in Eugene, married, and raising small children. So here it is.
EXHAUSTING! No, haha, well, it is sometimes. Tim was just out of town for work training for two weeks and I was by myself with the three kids. It went pretty well, but I was tired a lot and lonely a lot and I REALLY missed Tim. He's home now, and it's made me realize that there isn't any way I could possibly do it on my own. Nor would I never, ever, ever, want to. Heavenly Father can't take Tim because he knows it would be more than I could handle. Anyway, things are back to normal. We still have Andrew. We're not sure what's going to happen, and I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but we've all gotten attached to him, and it's going to be hard if he leaves. He's a meth affected baby, and he's a little behind socially, but he's picking up really fast.
Dustin is so so big. He can't describe anything without using his hands and making sound effects and I love it. Audrey is loving preschool, and is just loving in general. She tells me 50 times a day that she loves me and I hope I tell her enough that I love her back. I think she has some kind of understanding of adoption and it's so cute to hear her tell the story anytime someone talks about babies inside bellies. She says, "When I was a baby, I live-ed inside another mommy's tummy--her name is Rosie. And den when I come-ed out, I came-ed to my family!" She says it so cute and excited, I hope she always feels that way.
We've had Halloween the entire month of October. The kids had their preschool parties and we went to Disneyland at the first of the month and did the Halloween party there too. I know I say this every time, but this trip was really our best Disney trip so far. We finally got annual passes, we stayed at my Mom's, we flew, we swam, we sunbathed, we saw World of Color, we went to a kiddie park called Adventure City and the kids loved it, everyone was healthy, we had a great day at the beach building sand castles, and we got to see Tim's family.
Life is pretty good! We had the ward trunk or treat tonight, and we only have one more day to go before Halloween is finally over.
If you're still out there reading blogs, just know I don't hate comments ;)
This is what Dustin's suitcase looked like after we asked him to start packing for Disneyland. He unloaded every single one of his drawers. He's such a character!


Rach said...

I looovvee blogging still, but life is kind of crazy right now. I don't have an extra hour to catch up on blogs. :o) Hope everything is going well. Love you seester.

Ann said...

Oh, Jen! It's been too long! I'm glad Tim is back and that things are going well. Camp Packs exactly opposite of Dustin--he throws in a shirt, a pair of shorts, and some pajamas and calls it good.

PJ Productions said...

I love the picture of you and Dustin! So sweet. I still love to read blogs but am terrible about updating.

Lima Bean said...

you guys are disneyland CRAZY. love it! i love seeing pictures of your kids. how goes the house selling?