Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best Spring Break Ever!

Our spring break was so wonderful! The most important thing that happened, was that my two favorite boys in the world had a birthday. My little boy turned 4, and my handsome hubs is in the last year of his 20's. I can't believe it! We had a pirate themed birthday, and Tim made an amazing cake. My Mom and Grandma were here, and we had Uncle Jake and Aunt Jen here for the week. And Cara made a surprise visit so Dustin had his birthday buddy Davin! We went to Chuck E. Cheese, Red Robin, and had our party at the bowling alley. And then, the grown-ups went to see a movie! It turned out to be a pretty good birthday.

It was so fun to have Jake and Jen here! Jake is Tim's younger brother, and he also married a Jen, so there's Tim's Jen and Jake's Jen every time we're together. Anyway, they are such a fun couple! Tim took some time off and we had an amazing week. We went to the coast for the most beautiful, sunny, non-windy day ever, and saw the lighthouse and played in the tide pools. We went to the aquarium, ate at Mo's, and had an all around great day. Jen and I got to go shopping, and see some chick flicks and she did everybody's hair (it's so great to have her as a hair-dresser). We went to Portland for a night and went to Ikea, VooDoo Doughnuts (a long awaited venture for Tim), Jen and I went to a behind the scenes tour of the Pittock Mansion, and played at OMSI. The weather was great up there and we all had fun. I've never been to OMSI before, but it was great for families with kids. Audrey had the most fun in the water exhibits, and Dustin had the most fun in the ball exhibits. It was really interactive and they had so many cool things to do. We finished the trip off with a great dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory. There was this amazing balloon guy who was going from table to table and when he got to ours, he made Dustin a Spiderman, and Audrey an Ariel mermaid...out of balloons! WAY beyond anything in my repertoire.

This was Jake and Jen's first visit and I hope they come back soon! Like, next week! Anyway, most of you know that our little foster baby has moved on to another home. There were just too many things that didn't feel right about his case, so we went back to short-term care. I was so devastated to drop him off, and I cried and cried after I left, but I feel a lot better now. I can finally sleep, and shower, and pay more attention to my kids. I don't feel like a zombie anymore! I just have to believe that he will be ok, and know that I did all that I could for him while he was with us. The kids still ask about him, but I think they are happier now that I'm happier.

Well, it's back to real life now. Vacation is over. School is back on. Work-out schedule is back on. I did get Primary help for Dustin. Last week was sooooo much better. Here's hoping everyone has a great Easter! Good Luck! (That's what I tell all Mom's. It's my way of saying, "Whatever you're doing...I hope you manage! ;)


PJ Productions said...

I am so glad that you guys had so much fun. We went to the coast over spring break too and had great weather. Too bad we didn't end up the same beach. Can you believe that Dustin is four? Crazy!

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